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Appliance Repair Guide

Refrigerator Repair Guide

Refrigerators are a part of everyone’s everyday life. They can be expensive to replace but repairing them can be easier than you think. Instead of spending money where you don’t have to, follow this guide to refrigerator common faults and repairs.


Things to consider when having problems with refrigerator

Refrigerators can last you anywhere between 10 and 19 years. This is dependent on how well built your model of refrigerator is and how well maintained you keep it. Standard refrigerators usually last longer than compact refrigerators by approximately 4 years.

It is difficult to distinguish whether the energy efficiency of a refrigerator declines as it gets older because older refrigerators are far less efficient than their newer counterparts. However, the older a refrigerator is, the more likely it is that it will develop a broken part which will need repairing.


Detecting and identifying faults with your refrigerator

There are several commonly occurring faults that appear in refrigerators, these are:


The refrigerator will not turn on

If this issue occurs, you should first check the cable at the back of the refrigerator. Look at it from the base of the refrigerator all the way down to the socket it is plugged in to. If there are no faults with the cable externally, check your circuit board.


The refrigerator is not cooling

This could be because the internal thermometer is broken, or it could be because the temperature gauge isn’t set correctly. In the event that it is the thermometer that is broken, you will need to seek the help of a professional.


The refrigerator isn’t getting cold enough

The most likely cause of this issue is that the door seals are either fitted incorrectly or they are broken. This allows the cold air to escape from the refrigerator, warming the internal temperature of the appliance. Depending on the make and model of your refrigerator, you might be able to purchase replacement door seals form the manufacturer.


The refrigerator is leaking

This is most likely caused by a dirty drain pan. At the bottom of your refrigerator, there is a compartment containing a shallow box. Pull this out and clean it. The drain pan should be cleaned and maintained at least once a year to prevent any future leakages. This doesn’t require the help of a professional, and it can be done easily at home. For more detailed instructions, consult your owner’s manual.


Potential repairs and costs for your refrigerator

Below is a table which outlines some of the most common repairs you may need to make on your refrigerator and their associated costs:

Repair Average Cost Time to repair
Fit and supply thermostat £67-£96 30 mins to 1 hour
Fit and supply door seal £66-£100 30 mins to 1 hour
Replace motor £80-£150 1 hour
Replace compressor £300-£450 30 mins to 1 hour


Should I repair or replace my refrigerator?

There are some situations where it is definitely better to repair your refrigerator, and other situations where you have no other choice but to buy a new one.

The first situation where you should opt to repair your refrigerator is where the appliance isn’t staying as cool as it should be. As we previously mentioned, this is normally the result of broken door seals. If you are unable to do this yourself, it is still cheaper to have a professional look at your refrigerator than it is to buy a new one.

The second issue that many people face is that their refrigerator makes a lot of noise. This doesn’t mean that your refrigerator is about to break – it just means that the fan is blocked. We suggest that you have a professional look at it and see if they can remove any of the dirt and other substances that may be blocking the fan. Once this is resolved, your refrigerator should be running as good as new.

If your refrigerator is not dispensing ice properly, you should definitely have a professional look at the problem as soon as you possibly can. This is because water might have leaked into the internal workings of your refrigerator. This is unlikely, but it is still a possibility – and the last thing you want is a fire hazard in your kitchen.

If a professional has indicated that your compressor is broken, it is almost never worth replacing unless your refrigerator is less than 5 years old. This is because the compressor only breaks when it is overworked. If you replace it, you may be faced with the same problem again very shortly. It will be more cost effective to simply buy a new refrigerator in this instance.

Finally, you should never repair a refrigerator if the repair costs more than half of the price of the refrigerator. This is because the lifespan of a new refrigerator will make up for the extra costs when compared with an older model that will need to be constantly repaired.


What to look out for in when replacing your refrigerator

When you are replacing your refrigerator, you should always look to see if the manufacturer’s warranty extends for longer than 3 years. This is because the first 3 years of your refrigerator’s life is the time when the fewest problems arise. After this point, you are more likely to find a problem with your appliance. A manufacturer’s warranty that lasts 5 (and in some cases 10) years will save you money in the future.

Secondly, you should look to find a refrigerator that only has the features that you need. Not everybody needs a smart refrigerator that connects to the internet and has a touchscreen. Not only are these models far more expensive, but if they do break, they might not be able to be repaired because of the electrics involved in the appliance.

Finally, make sure that you buy your refrigerator in a sale. They are notorious for being the most expensive item in your kitchen, so if you can save money on them by purchasing one at a discount, then you can make a large saving. This is not possible for everybody though. If your refrigerator has broken, you might not have the option to wait for a sale to get the best deal possible.