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How To Make Money

How To Make Money From Web Testing


There’s plenty of work from home opportunities user testing websites. Well-established and new companies like to test their websites and apps to make sure they are user-friendly and there aren’t any online glitches.

Get paid to test websites from home with your computer, a microphone and a decent broadband connection. It’s an ideal job if you’re looking for work from home. If you are user testing apps you need a smartphone with iOS or Android.


How much money can you make user testing?

That depends on the company you are working for, but most of them pay around £5 to £50 per test. At a session, you will be expected to look at one or more web pages and talk about your user experience and answer some simple questions. Your experience is recorded, and it enables the company to see how well their website is performing.

There are plenty of companies that provide a testing service for other companies and if you register with them, you can become a tester. Here are five companies you can register with as a tester and earn money from home.



User Testing work with companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, PayPal and more. It’s a well-established American company who help web and app developers, e-commerce and product managers and games developers to test and improve their websites.

Your computer will need to run Windows 7, 8 or 10 with at least 7GB of disc space. If you have a Mac, it will need OS X 10.7 or higher and at least 1GB of total RAM and 0.5GB of available RAM.

To work as a tester, you will be asked to complete a sample test. Once you have been approved you will need to download a screen recorder and then you are ready. When a testing opportunity comes up, User Testing will send you an email. If you accept the work the test will take around 30 minutes. This includes 20 minutes recording and around 10 minutes answering 4 questions.

You’ll be paid $10 through your PayPal account after 7 days. A customer can in some cases refuse to accept the survey which means you won’t get paid, but User Testing says this rarely occurs.


Testing Time

Testing Time was founded in Switzerland. Their testers earn around €50 per study, which takes between 30 and 90 minutes and work is offered via Skype for testers of all ages.

You register by answering a few questions about yourself and you’ll be invited to test a website via email. The tests are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. You can pick a convenient time to do the test and you’ll be paid between 5 and 10 days later. Payment is made through PayPal or directly to your bank account.


What Users Do

What Users Do is a UK company set up in 2008 to provide testing facilities to organisations like Virgin Atlantic, Tesco and Standard Life. You can join the panel of testers at What Users to simply by registering and downloading their screen recorder.

You’ll then be asked to do a sample test and if all goes well you’ll be put on the panel and you can start to do the tests as they become available. Payment is normally around £5 for a 15-minute test, but you can earn up to about £40 a month if you do all the tests offered to you. Payments are made through PayPal.


Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a UK registered start-up with clients that include Skyscanner. If you want to become a tester you will need to fill in the online registration form and answer a few questions about yourself to let the team know a bit more about you, so they can direct you to a suitable test.

When a testing opportunity becomes available, Ping Pong will send you an email with an invitation. You’ll be given available dates and times, together with information on payment.

If you take up the offer to test, you’ll be given a web page or pages to look over and then you need to give your opinion about the page or answer some questions. Earnings are around £50 per test and you’ll be paid within 7 days through PayPal.



Intellizoom is a research platform with offices in the US, UK, Spain and Germany. To register, you need to take a short test and if approved you then become a panel member.

Most tests are around 15 to 20 minutes long and you’ll be paid between $5-10 depending on the type of testing you do. Payments are made through PayPal 21 days after you’ve completed the testing. You’ll need a desktop, tablet or smartphone and you must be over the age of eighteen.