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How To Make Money

How To Make Money Selling Photographs


If you love photography and you’re talented, you can make money from selling your photographs online.



A mobile phone camera isn’t good enough if you’re serious about selling your pictures. You really need to buy a digital SLR camera. They vary in price but for a beginner, you can get one for under £350. You should also have a tripod.

A tripod will keep the camera steady when you want to take pictures with fast shutter speeds, night time shots, close-ups, nature photography or if you just need help keeping the camera stable. Again, they range in price but you should be able to buy one for under £50.

An investment you can make when you’ve earned some money from your photography is lenses. Different lenses help you when you’re taking portrait, nature or landscape shots. You may decide to buy a wide-angle or telephoto lens. You can purchase the same make as your camera, or go for a brand that specialises in lenses like Vivitar or Tamron.

You will also need a computer and you might want to look around for decent editing software so that you can make changes to your photos.

If your photos are good enough, you can upload them to your own website to sell or you can make money from stock photos and become a contributor.



Uploading Photographs

When you have taken your photographs and edited them, you should also think about adding a small watermark which will prevent people from using it without paying. Next, think about the title of the photograph and some words that can be used to describe it. These should be keywords, so think about what people might put in a search box when they are looking for a photograph they want.

After that, you can upload the photographs on the websites you have chosen to use. Normally you will need to register and then submit a certain number of photographs for review. If the website reviewers think your photos are good enough for their site, you’ll be invited to create an account. The page you use to upload the photo should also have some technical details like the shutter speed, focal length and exposure time as well as the name of your camera.



In order to sign up for Flickr, you’ll need a Yahoo account. Once you’ve been accepted by the reviewers you can fill in your profile, upload your photograph and if someone chooses your photo you’ll be sent an email through your Yahoo account with all the details.



Shutterstock, like Flickr, is available to customers globally. Contributing photographs is free. You will have to have your photographs reviewed before you can use Shutterstock, but if they give you the okay then you can upload your photos with the necessary information added and wait and see if you get any customers.



This stock photography website gives their customers royalty free images for individual and commercial use. If you become a contributor you can upload your photos and then you’ll be paid a commission each time your photo is downloaded. There are ten contributor levels and each one has a different payment structure.


Bigstock Photos

Selling your photos through Bigstock is a simple procedure. All you have to do is register, complete their beginners tutorial and then you can upload your photographs to the site. You earn a percentage each time one of your photos is downloaded. The amount depends on the type of purchase that has been made.




There are various types of license available and whichever you choose will make a difference to the amount of money you earn:


Creative Commons

You will be expected to put your photos up free of charge and you won’t make any money, although on some sites you can ask for a donation.


Royalty Free

This is a popular type of photograph where customers pay a one-off fee to use the photo as many times as the agreement states. Usually, the customer pays a fee to the stock image website and they pay you a certain sum for each download. If you manage to sell more than a certain amount in a month, the fee will normally go up, so that the more you sell the more you make per photo.



You can only put an exclusive photograph on one website. While you might make more money per photo it will limit your audience.


Rights Managed

Photos are sold according to how the customer intends to use the photo. It takes into account the photo size and number of uses.


None Exclusive

You can put your photo on any photo stock site and you’ll receive an amount for each download.

If you have the money to invest or you already own camera equipment then you can easily make money from photos you sell yourself or make money from stock photos.