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How To Make Money

How To Make Money Reviewing Movies


Do you like nothing more than powering up your laptop, browsing your phone or sitting on the sofa and watching movies? Do you like to share your opinions on social media and other platforms? If you do and you are looking for ways to get paid for movie reviews in the UK and beyond, read on.

You’ll need to be able to write a coherent article, but your working day will be flexible and you can do movie reviews whenever you have the spare time. If your spelling or grammar isn’t too clever, there are plenty of online apps you can use to help you, such as The Hemmingway app or Grammarly. Your text should be friendly and conversational. Write as if you’re talking to a friend or a member of your family about the movie.


How much time does a review take?

If you write a 500-word review it will probably take you an hour or two, depending on how fast your typing is and whether you have to stop to fix spelling or grammar errors. You also have to watch the movie of course, so if you take that time into consideration you’ll spend around half a day watching and writing. Of course, once you’ve watched the movie you can write 2 or 3 different reviews about it.

One of the ways you can earn cash from your movie reviews is by revenue sharing. You get paid a small commission for each person who views your review, and you receive the money when you have accumulated a certain amount of reviews. A popular website for this type of work is Hubpages.



Hubpages says it is a community for people to share words, pictures and videos. If you write and upload an article for them, you make money from their online advertising. You must sign up to one of their Ad or Amazon programmes or Google Adsense. Hubpages show ads on your article and you make money from the number of click-throughs.


Animation Arena

Animation Arena will pay you for every review you write about animated movies and video games. Currently they pay $15 per review.



Screenrant was founded in 2013 and it now has over 105 million readers and over 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

If you want to write for them you need to be over the age of 18 with a good knowledge of movies. They don’t advertise their rates of pay, but they do say they are good. Fill in the contributor form on their website and if you can, attach a couple of samples of any review writing you have done in the past.



Bustle is a website aimed at women, and has a diverse range of topics. Its contributors do include men and they say they are always looking for talented writers

Bustle accept submissions for articles that include movie reviews. They don’t say how much they pay, but they will give you that information once your piece has been accepted. There’s a set of guidelines to help you and you should keep your article under 2000 words.



The Buddy TV website is for readers who love TV. It includes information about TV stars, quizzes and trivia. They don’t tell you their rate of pay, but it is always on the lookout for contributions.



Cineaste is a magazine that comes out four times a year. They will take contributions for movie reviews and they say they pay up to $45 for a movie review.



Rotten Tomatoes

If you already have a good number of your reviews out there on the internet, then you might be able to become a reviewer at one of the UK’s top movie and TV websites; Rotten Tomatoes. You’ll need to have published no less than 100 reviews over a period of two years.


Affiliate Links

Another way to make money reviewing movies is to set up your own blog and then monetise it by setting up affiliate links. You can set up a blog using WordPress or Weebly and post your reviews on your own blog. If you haven’t got the time to set up a blog yourself, check out one of the freelance work sites for someone that will do it for you at an affordable price.

Once you have a good number of followers, you can begin to advertise using Adsense or Amazon affiliate links. These are adverts that you put on your blog and if people click through from the adverts, you will earn a commission.


How much can you make?

If you don’t spend very much time on your work you won’t earn much at all, but if you’re willing to put the hours in you can earn decent money. It’s hard to say exactly how much, because a lot of the websites don’t give out that information. However, if you are good at what you do then you will begin to earn at least a little extra money to put in your pocket.