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How To Make Money

How To Make Money From Publishing An eBook


Writing for profit has always been a popular way to make money, but now in the digital age it’s affordable and much easier to find the best way to publish an eBook. Many people now own tablets, Kindles and other e-readers which they use to read books. There’s a large audience out there just waiting to read your self-published eBook.


Your book

You can choose to write a fiction book if you’ve got a good story in your head, or you could choose one of the many categories available in non-fiction from cookery, to healthy eating, mindfulness and much more. While a print book can be around 80,000 words, eBooks are normally much shorter. The average eBook is around 20,000 words. If your book is lengthy, think of ways you can cut it down to make it into two or three books. People who read online tend to enjoy shorter reads that they can delve into on their commute to work or their lunch break.



It’s important that your book is free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you want to write but the thought of making mistakes scares you off, don’t let it. All you have to do is get your manuscript proofread. A good proofreader will clear up all your spelling mistakes and put right any grammatical errors so that you have a perfect script. You can find proofreaders on freelance websites like Fiverr and People Per Hour.


Your book cover

A book cover needs to catch the eye of the reader and be relevant to your content.  If you want to design your own cover you can look for a freelancer. Doing it yourself isn’t difficult if you use a web page to help you. Amazon, for example, has a cover creator.


Book description

You can only give the description of your book in a certain number of words, so it is important to make every word count. Don’t just give a summary of the book. These are the words that advertise what you’ve written so you want to entice people to buy it.

Tell the reader whether or not they’ll be entertained or informed. Will it help them lose weight, improve their business or give them a good scare before bedtime? Try and make the opening sentence something that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more.


Cover creator

Cover creator lets you create your own book cover by using an image you have already, such as a painting or a photograph, or by choosing from the stock images that Amazon make available. You can have your book cover in just a few easy steps.

  • Sign in to Cover Creator
  • Add an image from those available or one you’ve already got
  • Make a choice from the designs available
  • Customise it
  • Preview and edit
  • Submit the finished cover



How to publish an ebook on Amazon

Finding the best way to publish an eBook has been made simple by Amazon. You can upload your manuscript and publish your Kindle book in a day.

The first step is to sign into your Amazon account or create a new one if you don’t already have one. Then find the section called ‘Create a New Title’ and click on ‘Bookshelf’. This will bring you to the page where you need to fill in important details such as the categories you want your book to be seen in, the book description and keywords which will help people browsing find your book.

The next step is to create or upload your cover.  The next thing is to select your royalty plan. You can choose from two royalty options, a 35% option and a 70% option. Then select your price list.

Once you’ve completed each step you are ready to publish.



Smashwords is a distributor of ebooks that will get your book into stores such as Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble and WH Smith. Smashwords will let you have 60% of the list price from eBook retailers or 85% if your book is sold directly from Smashwords.

An account with Smashwords is free and they have a lot of information and tutorials on how to format your book and get into print. Like Amazon, you can have your book made available within a day.

If you love writing and you can think of a good idea for an eBook, make a start and soon you could be pulling in the royalties.