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How To Make Money

How to Make Money From Data Entry

Online data entry jobs are a good idea if you’re looking to complete data entry from home in the UK. Online data entry jobs give you extra money and flexible working hours.


Why do Companies use Data?

Collecting data is very important for all companies. It tells them about their products and services and helps them to target the right customers.


What is Data Entry?

It’s an administrative task that you can do from your computer. The job involves putting information into a database using numbers or text. It’s information companies use, for example, to help them with sales data or to look at market research results.


Do you need an Office?

Not to work from home, no. You will need a computer and a reliable internet connection.


Is it Flexible?

If you worked in an office, you would do full or part-time working hours. From home, you can pick and choose the hours you work to suit your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a second job then you could do the data entry in the evening. If you have a young family you can work while the children are at nursery or school.


Do I need Qualifications

No. But you should be good at English and Maths and a qualification in these two subjects won’t hurt. You need a keen eye for detail and you must be a fast and accurate typist. You should also have a good knowledge of computer programmes such as Microsoft Word and Excel. If you want to practice typing, just Google “typing tests” or “learn to type” and you should find free programmes that let you practice and test your speed and accuracy.


Who Uses Data Entry?

Lots of different companies use data clerks to input and maintain information they have gathered. Usually, large companies use a specialist data collection company to carry out their work. Small companies may use in-house staff to gather the data together and leave it to a data entry clerk to collate and maintain it.



How do I find Companies to Work For?

There are plenty of companies who need people to complete data entry from home in the UK. You could approach the companies themselves and introduce yourself as a freelancer looking for online data entry jobs, or you could use freelance job sites. You set up a profile and bid for any online data entry jobs.


How Can I Recognise Scam Data Entry Jobs?

Never pay money for a programme or training course which leads to data entry jobs. These won’t get you jobs. Any website that asks for money, no matter how small the amount, isn’t genuine. You should also look out for any sponsored ads, if you can’t find contact details or the job description is vague.


Where can I find Data Entry Jobs?

You can find data entry jobs on specific job sites or on freelance work sites like People Per Hour or Upwork. To use these sites, you create a profile and bid for any jobs that come up. Competition is high, and this has led to low pay on a lot of jobs. Don’t undercharge and you should eventually find jobs that pay your worth.

You can also find data entry jobs on websites such as Reed, Monster and Indeed. The best way to get data entry jobs is from a company looking for data entry freelancers, such as Clickworker.



Clickworker is a global company that provide services for companies, such as data collection, transcription, content writing and translations. You can apply to become a Clickworker through their website.

Firstly, you need to register and then fill out your profile. Here you need to state what qualifications you have to do the job and what experience if any you have already got. If you are applying for data entry, then you will be asked to take a short test to see whether your typing skills are up to standard. Once you have been approved you can look at the jobs available and apply to do them.



Lionbridge is a global company with offices in County Mayo, Ireland. They use a lot of home-based workers for various tasks which include data collection and transcription. You can search their Facebook page for job vacancies or contact them directly through their website.

All transcription jobs can be done on a full-time or part-time basis and you can earn a reasonable living whilst working from home.