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How To Make Money

How To Make Money From Mobile Apps


Almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone. Instead of using it to make calls, message and browse the web you can also make money from mobile apps. There are plenty of apps in the marketplace that you can use to make pocket money, use more than one and it can add up to a tidy sum each month. Download the apps from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store.

Before you start to use the apps, check with your service provider or look online to see how much data you can use on your phone without incurring extra charges. Some of the apps you might use to make money require you to use your phone outside your home. If this is the case look for WiFi. Most large shops and shopping centres have free WiFi available for customers.


Make Money On A Mobile App

Most apps require you to register and there are some which you can only join with an invite from someone else. All the apps are free and you shouldn’t pay to be able to use an app to make money. Here are some of the most popular apps in use in the UK at the moment:



Swagbucks allows you to do all sorts of things. You can make money doing quizzes, completing surveys or watching videos. You earn Swagbucks which you can exchange for gift vouchers from shops like Amazon, iTunes or Argos. Register with them and you can browse the site and look for money-making tasks.


Field Agent

Field Agent is a retail auditing company and they use Agents to help them collect data. All you need to do is register and create a profile. Once that’s done you can look for jobs in your area. If you’re selected for the job you only have 2 hours to complete it, so it’s best to apply while you’re out shopping or on the way. The jobs pay between £2 and £10 and the money is transferred into your bank account. A typical job will be to go into a store take a photograph of an item for sale and make a note of the price.



Roamler is another retail auditing company using smartphone owners to collect valuable data. To become a Roamler you must either register online or go to their social media pages and ask someone to invite you. Once your registration has been received, you’ll be asked to do a short online training programme and then you can start applying for work. The tasks are usually small and pay around £2 each.




You can participate in iPoll surveys wherever you happen to be with some time to spare. All you need to do is register and then you’ll be assessed to see if you’re suitable. If you are, iPoll will send you surveys to fill in which normally take about 20 minutes. You’ll get paid through PayPal and every quarter they hold a  £5,000 prize draw.



This is only available as an app for Android from the Google Play Store. You use it by taking a photo of any receipts you receive while shopping. You can use receipts from anywhere as long as they show the name of the shop. Each receipt you photograph will pay you 100 coins and you can swap it for a £5 Amazon Gift Voucher or Google Play Gift card when you have saved 7,500 coins. If you don’t want the gift card you can use your coins to take part in sweepstakes. There are 4 a day and you need 100 or 150 coins to participate. There are various prizes and they all have a higher value than £5.00, so it’s worth doing. You will also receive coins just by logging into the app.


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is similar to Shopprize. You take a photo of your receipts and save up the points. You can have a £3 Amazon Gift Voucher for 1000 points or £5 in your PayPal account for 1500 points. All you need to do is register.


Spare 5

This is an Apple Store app only and pays out in dollars. You have to register and then you can apply to do things like check videos or images. PayPal will convert your dollars into pounds and the cash will be paid into your account when you’ve earned $1.



This app will help you get cashback on your receipts from supermarkets and shops like Boots and Superdrug. All you have to do is download the app, check out the cashback deals, upload your receipts and claim your cashback into your Paypal account.

As you can see, it can be easy to earn some extra money. A few of them pay out immediately and others ask you to save points or coins, but all of them help you to make extra money for very little effort.