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How to Make Money on Gumtree

Founded in 2000, Gumtree has grown into the UK’s number one website when it comes to classified ads. Classified ads are either free or paid depending on the product that you want to sell. The website was launched as a local London classified advertising website, seeking to help visitors to the city from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa but new welcomes over 16m unique visitors per month to the website. They reach 33% of the UK population and 12.6m of their advertisements are replied to every month.


How do I Create an Ad on Gumtree?

Creating an ad on Gumtree couldn’t be more straightforward, however, it’s always good to get some guidance when you submit your first advertisement.

  • After creating an account, choose the category that your item belongs to.
  • Under the location heading, type in the postcode from which you’re selling from. It’s important to note that your postcode will not appear on your ad, and will only be used to classify your advertisement based on the location that you entered.
  • Take several pictures of your item from different angles, ensuring that they are of high quality. Then use the ‘add image’ function to ad them to your ad.
  • It’s important that you describe your item in detail. This can include what kind of item you’re selling, how old it is, what kind of material it is made out of and what kind of condition it’s in.
  • Don’t forget to include the price of your item. It’s important to be realistic when selling depending on the timescale of which you want your item to sell.
  • Create a title for your ad. Think of a title that would entice you to buy an item, and adapt it for your own.
  • The last thing to do it post your advertisement. Don’t forget to log onto your Gumtree account or download the Gumtree app to monitor if any potential customers have any questions about your item.


What’s the Difference Between a Free and Paid Ad?

When selling on Gumtree, there are two options for your advertisement, free and paid. However, both these options come with their advantages and disadvantages. The majority of ads on the website are free to place with some exceptions. If you happen to be a landlord, business or dealer you may be charged for your advert. Also, ads created in certain categories can also come with a charge, although these items normally cost a substantial amount, so if your plan is to use Gumtree to get rid of some of your junk, you’re unlikely to have to pay out any fee’s for your listing. The type of items that may incur a charge includes employment, service and property.

When you post your advertisement, make sure to check the total amount shown on the ‘post an ad’ page. This is where you can select add on’s, such as choosing the featured ad option. This will increase the visibility of your advert, but it will raise the cost of the listing. The price will vary depending on the length of time that you want your ad to appear as a featured listing.


Top Tips When Selling on Gumtree

It can be daunting when you post your first ad on Gumtree. This mainly stems from wondering if your post is optimised for selling your item. We have 5 top tips when selling your unwanted item.

  • Include several high-quality photos of your item. This ensures that when people view your ad, they are getting the best experience of your item. It also helps to show the item for several angles which gives the feeling of transparency.
  • Use real photos of your item and not stock images. This also promotes transparency. Often when people are selling a used item, rather than taking a photo of that specific item they will use a photo from the internet showing the item in perfect condition.
  • Ensure that your item is described accurately. You may be tempted to big your item up or make it sound in better condition than it actually is. This will only cause problems in the long run if the person who buys your item wishes to return it if it has been poorly described.
  • Make sure you download the mobile app. The is so you can keep an eye on any messages that you might receive from potential customers. Getting back to them quickly will ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential business if they are seeking a quick response and need to make a decision.
  • Be prepared to accept offers. When you set your price, especially on high-cost items, you can expect to negotiate with potential suitors for your item. The great thing about Gumtree is this is left completely at your discretion, so it’s up to you if you hold out for the price which you’ve set.