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How To Make Money

How To Make Money From Etsy

Etsy is a commerce platform where people buy goods sold by entrepreneurs all over the world. It was founded in 2005 and currently has around 1.8 million active sellers and 30.6 million active buyers. That means it’s a successful marketplace. You can make money from Etsy from home, working full or part-time.

They have offices in seven countries including the UK, Ireland, France, the US and Germany. It’s used by sellers of vintage and home crafted goods and you can shop online or off, depending on your seller.

At Etsy, you’ll find four main categories which are:


Handmade Items

Anything that’s been crafted by hand, from jewellery to knitted garments and soap.



Craft supplies such as fabric, beads, moulds and wool.



Toys, clothes, shoes and jewellery are just some of the items you’ll find in the vintage category.


Digital Products

Lots of useful things like posters, planners, photos and invitations.


Choose your Market



If you decide you want to sell on Etsy, pick a category that suits your talents. You might decide to make your own products or sell other people’s.


Check your competitors

Have a good look around the site and see what your competitors are doing. How do they list their items, how much do they charge and what sort of feedback do they have? Have you noticed that customers are asking for something that they can’t supply but you can? Once you’ve had a good look around the site you’ll be ready to open your own shop.


Sign up and get your shop

Click on the Etsy link and sign up. You’ll be asked for your name, email address and you’ll need to create a password. Then you’ll be asked where you want to sell, your language and your currency – for example the UK, English and pounds sterling. Then, tell Etsy how you would like to receive payments. You can use PayPal, Credit and Debit cards, Apple and Android pay or even Etsy Gift Cards. You also have the choice of having payments sent to you by cheque.


Choose a name

Now the fun part – picking a name for your shop. This can be between 4 and 20 characters. You’ll have to make sure there isn’t another Etsy member with the same name, or that it isn’t trademarked. You can’t use any rude or offensive terms and the name can’t have any spaces or special characters. If your shop name is in use, Etsy will tell you and suggest other similar names.


Add your listings

After that it’s time to add your listings. If you are using photographs, make sure they are of decent quality. It really does make a great deal of difference and a buyer will want to be able to see clearly what they are intending to buy.

Once you’ve added your listings, your shop will be ready to open. It will have its own website address through Etsy which includes your shop name.



There are no monthly fees. All you pay is a listing fee for each item which is around 14 pence. After that, you pay if you sell an item. There’s a transaction fee of 4% of the sale price and about 20 pence for payment processing.


Promoted listings

If you want your listings to be more prominent, you can pay for promoted listings. You’ll need to decide on a daily budget. You can only go up to a set limit which Etsy decides and which can change if you start to sell more products. Once you’ve set your budget you choose whether to set your own bidding amount or let Etsy do it for you.

Depending on how much you have decided to pay for each bid and your listing quality, Etsy will then add your listing to a designated ad spot. It won’t always be in the same place, sometimes it could be on the first page and at other times it could show up on page ten. It depends on Etsy’s algorithms.

Your Etsy shop will not only look good from a computer and tablet, but will also be mobile phone friendly. This is important because many people now spend their time browsing from their phones.

If you need help there’s a newsletter, tips and a forum where sellers and customers can advise you. You can also contact the Etsy support team.