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How To Make Money

How to Make Money from Entering Competitions


Entering competitions has been turned into a great way to make some extra money and win fabulous prizes. It’s a fun way to spend your hours and you can do it on a part-time or full-time basis. Serious competition entrants need to complete between 30 and 50 competitions a week, that’s six or ten a day if you don’t count weekends. It’s best only to enter competitions which give out cash, a prize you really want, like a holiday or a product you can easily sell on eBay or Gumtree. You can choose to participate in free to enter competitions but there are some good paid subscription sites available to look at. Check out Simply Prizes and Competitors Companion.


Where to Find Competitions

Once you start looking you’ll notice competitions everywhere. Look at shops and in supermarkets, on notice boards and in newspapers and magazines. Watch TV and listen to local radio. You can even search google. A website called Competition Database has details of competitions held on Facebook and Twitter. The Save the Student website has a competition page. Newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph also have a competition page which you can look at online. You’ll also find competitions on app sites such as Instagram or Blippar, so if you haven’t got a smartphone maybe now is the time to invest in one. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can buy new or second hand.


Join a Community

You can get help and advice about competitions from online forums. Have a look at Money Saving Expert, they have a competition board that gives you details of current open competitions. There’s also Loquax and Compers News.


Avoid Spam

When you’re entering a competition and they have a tick box so that you can opt out of receiving notifications, tick it. This will make sure you don’t get an inbox full of spam email.


Competitions to Enter in the UK

Most competitions will ask you a question, get you to fill in a form, give your opinion or ask you write a poem, a tongue twister or a description. They’re not difficult to do, but you will need to spend a few hours every day if you’re serious. Unlike other methods of making money such as selling on eBay or searching the web, you’re not guaranteed to win. You can spend as much or as little time as you want on competitions from all sorts of places.


Competitions That Make You Think

The sort of competitions that make you think, like doing a crossword or puzzle or writing a rhyme or solving an anagram is likely to have fewer contestants than other types of competition and therefore you might stand a better chance of winning.  You can use websites like Rhymezone which will generate rhymes for you or the Oneaccross website which will give you the answers to crossword clues. If you’re looking for a winning slogan check out Winspiration. This has information on slogans that won competitions in the past and could give you some good ideas.


Competitions to win money

If you need cash then competitions to help you win money are your best bet. You can look for cash competitions on all of the websites named above, plus the Super Lucky Me website which has a lot of information about various websites and whether or not you can trust them.


Competition Websites with Advertising

Competitions Today and PrizeFinder are two very good sites for finding competitions. However, they do feature links and advertising for other websites. If you press on the links you might find that you receive spam from them The best things to do if you use these sites is to take care of the links. Prizefinder will ask you to register and your email address will be passed on to other companies who will send you advertisements through email.

If you want to enter competitions on a daily basis you will need to be organised. Firstly you must have a note of all the competitions you want to enter with the rules. Next, you must write down which competitions you have already entered so you don’t do them twice unless you are able to post multiple entries.  Finally, you need to know what the prizes are and what you’re going to do with them if you win. It’s best if you have a dedicated email address for your competition entries, it makes it easier when you have to type out six or more times a day and keeps your competition emails all in one place.