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How To Make Money

How to Make Money from Blogging


If you enjoy writing and your grammar is good then you can make money online by blogging. Set up a blog and then use it to create ways to make money. It isn’t a fast solution, it will take time and effort and you will have to invest some money to start with. But, once it’s set up you should begin to see the money coming in.


What should I blog about?

Anything that you’re interested in or a hobby you’ve got. For example, there are lots of travel and cookery bloggers about, so if you enjoy either one of those you could begin a blog. If you are planning to sell a product or service then you should blog about what you will be providing. If you are selling home furnishings then a blog about the latest colours, designs and trends will be interesting to your readers.


How do I set up a blog?

You can do itself if you have the time. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials about setting up a blog. If you don’t want to do it yourself, have a look at some of the freelance websites like Upwork and People Per Hour. You will find someone who will create a blog for you without it costing the earth.


What are the best legit blogging sites?

There are a number of blogging sites to choose from, some are free and some you will have to pay to use.


How to Make Money from your Blog

Writing an interesting informative blog will get people reading and as soon as you have visitors you can start to monetise your blog. Here are some of the ways you can do this:


Affiliate Marketing

Use your blog to attract advertisers that have a relevance to the subject of your blog or the product or service you are offering. You get a fixed amount or a percentage for every sale which is made through your website.



Adsense is run by Google. You can become what is called an Adsense publisher. Google makes the set-up very easy and once you have completed the process Google then begin to place ads on your website which are relevant to you. If a browser then clicks onto the advertisement, you’ll receive an agreed percentage. The good thing about Adsense is it is all set up and managed for you by Google automatically.



Sponsored Blog Posts

You write about a product or service from a particular brand and they will pay you for the post. It’s a bit like reading an advert for the product, but it’s written as a blog, not as an ad. First of all, you will need to find brands that match your own website products.


Review Writing

If you enjoy reviewing products and then giving your opinion, then review writing is a good way to make some cash. Find a company that has an affiliate programme, sign up and then write a review and some other blogs linking back to your review. Amazon is probably one of the best-known affiliate sites, but there are plenty of others.


Restricted Members Content

Once you’ve got a fanbase you could create some blogs that are available to paying members only, this is known as paid membership. Your readers pay a membership fee or an amount to see each blog and you make money from each person who signs up. Your content shouldn’t be included in blogs write for non-paying readers. It can include details of forthcoming sales or promotions or white papers and information about the products or services you supply.


Sell Online Courses

Have you got experience in a topic which you could pass on to others? If you have you can make money from your blog by selling courses online. For example, if your blog is about learning to speak English you could sell a course about irregular verbs, pronunciation or the difference between the present simple and the present continuous. If you have a cookery blog then you could sell a course teaching your readers how to make a certain recipe and if you’re into design or fashion you can pick out something relevant to teach your readers. You then charge for each reader to do the course and this will be your profit.


Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that it will take time before your blog starts making real money. But if you’re patient and put in the effort, you should reap the rewards.