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How To Make Money

How To Make Money From Gaming


Making money from gaming is especially good if you love online games. There are plenty of ways to make money gaming online:


Go into tournaments

If you can dedicate hours to your gaming and you’ve reached a high standard, then you could join esports and take part in tournaments. The competition is fierce, so it’s something you should do if you need money on a regular basis. But, if you think you can compete with the best, then you can make some serious prize money. It will give you news of events and competition winners.


Test games

You can make money playing video games. Games testing isn’t highly paid, but you can still make money testing games. You need to be sure you’re not someone who will get bored quickly. Testing games that are still at the development stage mean that you need to play the game or parts of the game repeatedly in order to report any problems or faults to the development team.


Sell for real in virtual reality

If you like the sound of becoming a gold trader and you’re used to playing virtual reality games like World of Warcraft, you can sell gold and other items online. You can even set up and run your own business in a game like Second Life and the profits are in genuine cash.


Join Twitch

Twitch is a social media platform using YouTube gaming. You stream your games using the Twitch Platform on YouTube and interact with others on the platform. Over 1.7 million people use this platform to watch, discuss, give tips and help other gamers.

The idea is that you build up an audience and then you can advertise on your streaming channel and make money. You’ll be amazed at how many gamers watch other people play and this is how Twitch has become so popular.

Broadcasters are fans who have registered with Twitch and regularly stream footage of their game and talk about it while they are doing it. It doesn’t have to be live, some gamers edit their footage. If you’re a live-wire and you love gaming you don’t need any experience to give it a go. The Twitch website will take through the process step by step.

You will need broadcasting software though and there a few to choose from:




XSplit enables users to live stream and broadcast onto platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. There are two Xsplit types. Broadcaster is for anyone who wants to stream or broadcast music, esports, video, podcasts and webinars. However, if you’re a gamer, you’ll want to use Gamecaster to share and broadcast your gaming activities. All you need to do is sign up to the XSplit site and you can use most of the applications free of charge. If you want to use all of their applications you do have to purchase a licence. There are two to choose from. A personal licence for casual use will cost you $2.50 a month for 36 months, $3.33 for 12 months or $4.98 for a 3-month license.


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS  is a free open software application that you can use for recorded or live video to share your games with platforms such as Twitch.



vMix is another live production and streaming software platform. It has a whole host of features and a choice of six editions which range from Free up to Pro at $1,200. It will also give you a month’s free trial so that you can make sure your computer is compatible and you like the look of it.

Once you’ve built up a fanbase you can start making money by advertising, or by selling subscriptions or by asking for donations. You should be prepared to stream on a daily basis. You should love to talk as well as play because that’s a big part of getting people to follow you. Twitch advertisers look for gamers who have a following of 500 or more and that broadcast at least three times a week.

You won’t get rich quick, but you can earn over £900 a month if you have 500 or more followers, which does take time to build up.