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How To Make Money

How to Make Money From Cashback


Cashback is a way of giving you money back for goods or services. You can get cash on goods that have been purchased or from signing up to special offers. Some cashback offers are only for small amounts, but others can be for more than £100.


How do I find cashback?

Sign up with a cashback site. If you know what you want to buy, you can search for the company you want to buy from and see if they have cashback available. You then use the cashback site to click through to the shop and make your purchase.


Do I have to spend money to get cashback?

No. You can also take advantage of offers such as opening a credit card or signing up for a free trial. You will have to give your credit card details, but if you remember to cancel the trial before they take your payment you’ll get your cash back without spending any money.


Why do companies give cashback?

Companies benefit from cashback because new customers find their sites and make purchases. The cashback sites usually make money from adverts on their sites, or from the companies they promote. Some companies charge customers a fee for using their site, you don’t need to use these as there are plenty of free sites.


How long do I have to wait for my money?

It depends on the cashback site and what you buy. Look out for the small print. The website will tell you when to expect your money. Some items give you the cash quickly, while others will keep you waiting for months.


Where is the money that I earn kept?

The cashback site you use will keep your money until you reach their limit. You can then withdraw the cash. Don’t be tempted to leave it there to build up after you have reached the limit. If the company goes bust, you’ll lose your money.


How do I get my money?

That depends on the website. They might send out a cheque or pay the money straight into your bank account. You might be asked by some companies to set up a PayPal account and the cash will be transferred into there.


Does it affect my credit rating?

It can. If you are applying for financial products it could affect your credit rating. Most financial companies will make a credit search. Some credit searches are ‘soft’ and won’t show up on your credit report. But, others will. For example, if you apply for a credit card offer your file will be checked before it is sent out to you. This check will stay on file and show any other lenders that you have a credit card. Even if you don’t intend to use it, many lenders will regard the fact that you have a card as a risk because you have the means to get into debt if you choose to use it.


Are there any other ways to earn cashback?

Some cashback companies will let you register your credit card and then you will get cashback from in-store purchases if the store is part of the scheme. You can also use cashback credit cards which give you cash back when you use your credit card.


What are the top cashback sites?

Here are the two best cashback websites in the UK:



Join as a basic member if you don’t want to pay anything for your membership. If you want additional benefits such as faster payouts, no ads and loyalty schemes, then go for the Premium Membership which costs £5 to join. You can also choose to accept store credit instead of cash and you’ll get a higher percentage back. For example, Debenhams will give you a 10% bonus.



TopCashback has excellent customer feedback. Like Quidco, you can join for free or pay a premium of £5 and get Plus Membership, which will get you an extra 5% bonus. So if you spend £50.00 with a 10% promise, you’ll end up with £50.00 plus an extra £2.50. You can also receive vouchers instead of cash, which will mean 3% with Amazon or 8% with Marks and Spencers.

Both of these sites also allow you to make money without spending any. By getting quotes, filling in surveys and entering prize draws, they will give you cash back. And, both Quidco and TopCashback have apps you can use for High Street purchases you make with your credit card.