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Have You Got Enough Cash to Keep Your Home Afloat?

Britons are saving less and less than they ever have before. An industry report recently revealed that 42% of UK adults only have £500 or less set aside and a quarter don”t have any savings at all to cover emergency costs. If you own your home, a couple of unexpected bills could leave you in financial difficulty if you don’t plan for it.

To find out if how much it really costs to maintain your own home, we spoke to Richard and Elaine from Newcastle Upon Tyne, who have owned their 4-bedroom home for 10 years and asked what are the 5 biggest repair costs they’ve faced in each room of their house. During a 10-year period, they’ve forked out £14,460 dealing with everything from a stained desk to a conservatory roof replacement. That works out at £1,205 per year. Here’s what went wrong in their home, and what could also go wrong in yours: