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Extinct Chocolate Bars We All Want Back

Every day, chocolate is on most of our minds. One billion people consume some form of chocolate every day around the world, but we all have our favourites. This is why it hurts so much when our beloved chocolate is taken away from us. We surveyed 1000 men and woman across Britain to find out which chocolate bar they’d most like to see make a return.


Britain Loves Chocolate

When we asked our sample of 1,000 people if they’d consider chocolate as their favourite treat, 87% said yes, with the other 13% made up of biscuits, ice cream, sweets and fruit. The stats show that the UK is third when it comes to the most chocolate consumed worldwide per capita each year. 65% of Brits surveyed also underestimate how many calories are in a typical chocolate bar (556 calories), while 36% admitted to eating chocolate in secret.

Cadbury Dream bars were once a favourite in the UK, sponsoring Coronation Street, but they are no longer on sale in the UK and Ireland. However, the Dream is still produced in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We asked if Brits would suffer the 40 hours round trip to Sydney, just for a taste of the Dream and 4% said they would.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Dream. It was by far the best of only a handful of white chocolate options out there, now I’m stuck with Milkbar Buttons. I’d definitely travel to Australia and back to see the Dream again – plus I’d get away from the husband for a while!” – Silvia, 55, Somerset

After the Mars Delight disappeared in 2008, chocolate connoisseurs were rightfully annoyed. Our survey showed that 76% of Britain would love to see Mars Delight make a long-awaited return. In fact, the Mars Delight is so loved, there has been a petition launched for Mars to begin producing it again, which currently has 6,426 signatures and counting. The petition title? “For you, your kids, and their kids”

It was a dark day in 2006 when Cadbury decided to stop production of their Fuse bar. 88% of chocolate indulgers would like to see Fuse bars make a return. Cadbury momentarily gave in to the Fuse fan pressure, and in 2015 for their Halloween marketing campaign #CadburyCraveyard, let the nation decide which discontinued chocolate bar they’d like to see resurrected. The nation chose Fuse. They sent 100 special edition bars to randomly selected fans.

In March 2016, news broke that Cadbury would no longer be continuing their popular Time Out bar in favour the new, dual finger Time Out Wafer. 71% of Brits prefer the old school, single finger Time Out in favour of the Time Out Wafer, with 89% wanting to have a selection of both on shelves.

“I don’t think it was fair that they just stopped making TimeOut’s without asking the public first. The best part of my day was having a TimeOut while I was having my Lunch at work” – Sandra, 32, Leicester


Brits Really Want Their Favourite Chocolate Bars Back

4% of the UK have written a letter to complain about their favourite chocolate bar being discontinued.

“They can’t just take our favourite chocolate bars away like this. What are we meant to do now? I wrote a complaint hoping they would take notice and bring back Fox Echo bars.” – Simon, 33, Brighton

55% of Brits have spent over £50 on their favourite chocolate bars before becoming extinct, with 14% spending £5, 9% spending £10 and 22% spending £25.

“Why do they do this? When I found out that Kit Kat Caramac bars were to stop being made, I drove to my nearest store and bought over a hundred of them, so that I was well supplied for the next few months. I have since ran out!” – Janenne, 31, Stock on Trent

When given the choice between a bar of their favourite extinct chocolate, or a free £20, 89% of the UK would choose to indulge themselves in one last taste of their favourite confectionery.

“What is money at the end of the day? I’d get to taste, not only my favourite chocolate bar, but a part of history. All my friends would be so jealous.” – Martin, 45, Exeter