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If you’re looking for ways to earn some extra money online, there are lots of money making websites for you to choose from. Pick the websites that suit the amount of time that you have available and register without paying anything. Here are some websites you can use to make some extra money on your smartphone, computer or tablet.



If you’re looking for ways to save some extra money online then make sure you sign up to a cashback site. Cashback sites give you money back for buying products through their sites, rather than going directly to the store. The reason the website can give you money back is that they are accessing the products directly, cutting out the middleman and they get paid for introducing you as a customer. Part of this payment is then passed on to you. You can save as much as 7% if you spend £100 on some products. Cashback users generally make around £120 a year using the service. The two most popular websites are:



You can sign up free of charge or take advantage of paid membership which costs £5 per year. Once you are registered you can search through a vast number of retailers for the item you want to buy. You then click the link and make your purchase. Your cashback will be paid into your PayPal account in around ten days, although some products take longer.

Quidco includes deals from retailers such as Groupon, Just Eat, Pizza Hut and Etsy.



Topcashback is a similar site to Quidco. You can use the site to get money back from Kwikfit, We Buy any Car, Expedia and Apple Music. Like Quidco, you are paid through PayPal and they also offer a premium membership for £5 per year.

Another great way to earn money is to relax, sit in your favourite chair and listen to music. What could be easier? You’ll get paid for listening and giving your opinion. If you want to review music, there are plenty of sites to choose from. The pay isn’t great, but as each song only takes a couple of minutes you can easily fit more than one into your day.

The most popular music review sites are:


Slice the pie

Slice the pie asks you to write up a review after you have listened to at least 90 seconds of music. The review needn’t be too lengthy, but it must be in-depth and longer than 45 words.

To become a music reviewer with Slice the pie, all you need to do is register and once that’s done you’ll be sent music to review. The pay is between 2p and 10p per song, depending on your level, which goes up as you review more songs.


Hit Predictor

You’ll earn 3 points for every song you listen to and when you have enough to cash out you can redeem them in the form of DVDs, CDs or raffle prizes.

Surveys are another way to earn some extra cash. Surveys can take between 5 minutes and 20 minutes to complete and the rate of pay is between 40p and £10, so it is possible to make some money every month completing surveys. Here are some the most popular sites:


Global Test Survey

You can earn around £1.20 per survey which normally takes about 20 minutes. You’ll be paid in cash or vouchers.



iSay pays out quite generously. They use a points system, in which 1,380 points are worth £10. Each survey pays between 5 and 250 points and they will take you about 15 minutes to complete.


My Survey

Surveys for this site will pay you 100 points for each survey you carry out. 345 points are worth £3.00 and the surveys take between 15 and 30 minutes.



If you want to earn some extra cash by doing lots of small tasks then sign up to Swagbucks. They have lots of micro jobs available including watching videos, filling out surveys, or other market research tasks. Swagbucks members say that you can earn up to £25 a month by using the site, which is very popular with students and mums at home.

There are also other ways you can earn money online such as selling your unwanted stuff on eBay or Gumtree, doing some blogging or becoming a YouTuber.